What are Odyssey File & Serve credentials?

Why do I need to enter Odyssey File & Serve details to access an eFile-only account?

If you elect to use a basic eFile-only InfoTrack account, you will be prompted to log in using your "Odyssey File & Serve" credentials. This article will explain what these are and why you need them to access our basic eFile-only accounts.


You'll need a full InfoTrack account to access all of our services

If you're prompted to login with your Odyssey File & Serve credentials then you're accessing a basic eFile-only account. These accounts are intended for pro se users or very infrequent filers. To access the full-range of InfoTrack products and services, including integration with case/document management software, please contact us directly to set up a professional InfoTrack account. 

What is Odyssey File & Serve?

Some jurisdictions (Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Texas and some counties of California) use a tool called Odyssey to run their electronic court filing systems. While InfoTrack has been certified and approved as an Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP) by these courts, we still require that you have an Odyssey File & Serve account to access our website. 

Why do I need an Odyssey File & Serve account to eFile via InfoTrack?

Your Odyssey account is your secure connection to the courts in those jurisdictions that use the Odyssey system to run their eFiling programs. We use these details to show you filing history and so that the court's recognize who you are when you submit electronic court filings. 

If you have eFiled before, then you likely already have an Odyssey account connected to your email address. If you do not yet have an Odyssey account, please contact us for assistance creating one.

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